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Contemporary Art Work in Acrylics


Hi my name is Barry Julian Willison Im an emerging contemporary artist working in acrylics based in Brighton and Hove City East Sussex. Ive been painting for about 8 years. When I was younger I did go to Reigate Art Collage for a while,but being young I thought I would try my hand at becoming a pop singer as I did have quite a good voice.If you would like to see where that led please click on the About the Artist.I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork thankyou Barry.

The current series of paintings is entitled: Without Limits.

On the continuum of existence the Inner world is as the Outer World of the Cosmos: ergo, without limits.

The work roughly divides into the four Western elements: Fire Air Earth Water.


MY contemporary art work is channelled and therefore spontaneous.

I am a psychic, a remote viewer, a practitioner of all things connected with High Magick and the works are an expression of half a lifetime's journeying through the realms of Spirit.

This is the material expression of a private unique world of my artwork.

Yet C G Jung said: 'When I share my dream with you it becomes your dream.'

Thus, myriad evocations and responses are invited from the onlooker.


I Exclusively use acrylics, the work consists of heavily layered, textured combinations. The keynotes are strident colours and themed shapes consisting of the channel's signature freehand figures made up of apparently disconnected bold strokes. The paintings are made in two or three day phases.


I am not technically trained nor in any way an art academic, but when I began to look at art history after producing my first body of work I realised that my own principal alignment might be with the school led by Vassily Kandinsky.

Kandinsky's spiritual, organic approach and use of colour is well documented. As a visual arts ingenue.

Photograph: The Transmogrification Of Those Who Seek To Conquer (AIR) 102cmX 76cm
The price of the large paintings are: 850
The price of the small paintings are 350

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