Hi my name is Barry Julian Willison and I am an Artist. Firstly let me say thankyou for checking out my web site. Id like to tell you a few things about my self. I was born in 1942 in Woking England.By the time I was seventeen I became a Pop Singer going under the name of Kevin Kirk and cut two records for Columbia Records EMI, the first one was called 'Teenage Heartache' and the second one was called 'Sweet'and no they did'nt hit the charts, but many years later in July 1989 I did hit the UK Demo Chart reaching Number 4 With a song called 'When You Wake Up Tomorrow'. I toured all over Great Britain with Bands such as Manfred Mann, Joe Brown,Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and the Crystals. Apart from my Artwork I still like writing music and still record. As well as painting I was an award winning amateur photographer. Ive recently had a book published which took me two years to write I would have done it quicker but for the fact I typed it all with one finger, the book is an action adventure thriller called The Andean Initiative ISBN NUMBER 978-09556247-0-4. Some of my Artwork was recently shown on BBC1 for the program Inside Out. At this point in time Im now working on painting more contemporary art.I never know what Im going to paint,I find my self just looking at the canvas for about an hour before I lay down the first paint stroke.All my work is done with Acrylic paint as I find it easy to work with.Once again thankyou for clicking on my web site Barry.

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